You and I, are passing through one of those events
That will change the way we are
Don't be out there wonderin', cautious as an Ent,
Just keep followin' your heart
Colors of time in the fall
Like messengers over the wall
When nobody knows where you've gone
Leave 'em a sign for the road you're on
Think about the dreamers who've been here before
All of them received a knock upon their door
Think about the power in the friends you share
You'll forever take it with you everywhere . . . everywhere
Something is in motion here, we are not alone
Hear the symphony inside?
Signs that I've been looking for, have come into the light
Bringing passion to my eyes
I am at home in the Shire
With a spirit that burns like a fire
There is a reason to question
'Cause there is a doubt in the great beyond
Command your spirit, it will take you high
But keep it on an island, and it's bound to die
Listen to the piper, let it take you there
Magic in that music's going everywhere . . . everywhere
Synchronize the artist, and the will to win
Go for such a mission that your dreams extend
Take a breath of courage, in the morning air
For there's a word that has no limit: Everywhere!



You can't get any more higher, than a sunset in the Shire
Summer is turning to fall, it is time we get two feet tall!
Mrs Maggot, we want to thank you for the 'shrooms
But we are lost now, never had a chance to read the runes
It's so deceiving at the midpoint,
Had to give up to give it all
And we've concluded, these folks and not too very tall.
And the senses are waiting . . .
I'll meet you on the other side - in the Shire
Reach to feel what's there inside - in the Shire
Don't you wonder where you are - in the Shire.
Shire nights are full of stars - in the Shire.



Hang the lanterns in the shire, Baggins up and beware
Fear the black riders, bound for Hobbiton Square
Ringwraith, eyeless in their evil; oh lost in darkness
Caught up in his ire, fear the day
Boundless in their life, until the ring burns in the fire.
Hear the Nazgul scream, be damned forever they call
Search the land for the ringbearer; die wherever you fall.
Ringwraith, eyeless in their evil; oh lost in darkness
Boundless in their life, until the ring burns in the fire.



Sometimes I dream I'm there and back again
Inside I long to whisper to the wind
Won't you take me on to paradise,
I think it might be nice to go
Under the trees on Bagshot Row
Sensations change, even after all
He left his home one day in the fall
To the depths below in Moria
He was forever on his way
These are the words I heard him say:
There's an invitation just for you to come down
And look at yourself
Senses are wide open, let the trilogy in
It's not a book on a shelf,
It's a word to be heard
About things I believe that each of us
Will carry on our way . . .
Seasons come and go about their way
Reasons have to pick another day
There's a place I want to recommend
But some adventures seem to never end
When Saturday comes, we'll take a walk in the woods
And make up a song
All about the travels and the stories they told
Just to carry along
Never mind if you're gone
It's a gift to turn you on, so come inside
The journey has begun
To discover all was for the one.



There is a thought to carry me, far away to set it free
There is a world that lies within, you will live it once you've been
Come follow the tale that is callin' you
I think it's the reason we're here
Fine was that summer in the Shire, read the words from in the fire
There's a change forevermore, like stepping through an open door
Yeah, go to a place they call Middle Earth
You'll never again be the same.
Live inside, a story that's deep and wide
We can play a concert on Durin's Day
Here's the ship, the wind, and the way.
There is a ship of fantasy, and it waits for you and me
In the story on the page, it's an epic for the age
Please, don't you awaken this dreamin'
Cause it's free, and it's takin' you there and beyond.
Can't you see? Get lost in the fantasy!
You and I, comin' up from the Greenway
For Tolkien is, the wind and the way . . .



I feel the wind upon my face now
There's something strange about today
I have to say, I can't believe this feelin'
A new adventure's gonna come my way . . .
I think I've found a destiny, across the Brandywine
Yeah passing undetected, just one more time.
Not many years ago,
I must have crossed a missing boundary . . .
I stood before that fire, but I could not decide
Dreams, won't you take me higher, one more time.
Just one more time.



When the vision comes to me, I hear voices in the air
Tell the doubts to turn around, you can leave 'em there
I can't understand, what they're sayin'
Something's found again, something's following
Will the secrets really come undone?
Hey Bombadil
It's Mr Underhill.
Destination fades away, only hope can pass within
Nothing is impossible, but it takes a friend
Trapped in yesterday, power in the rings
We are fearful of, what tomorrow brings
Don't be waiting for a dream to be
That's why you and me
Wrote Intensity (all alone in your sighs).
Yeah he dances all around, singing stuff that I can't catch
Even Old Man Willow, knows that he's met his match
He is older than what's above the sky
He is wiser than - even mountains high
Pretty Goldberry's inside his head
Hey Bombadil
She's at the window sill . . . callin' you



From the light.....into darkness

Under shadows of Misty Mountains
Pale eyes....follow closely
Don't stray from the path again
Roots feeding....poison water
Nameless creatures.....hunger calling
Sniffing, crawling, sneaking up on you
Spawn of Shelob, web spinning
Maybe catch usses a Hobbit or two.
To the south....Dol Guldur
Tortured lost souls of mortal men
Lord of nine....always watching
To feel his touch is to taste its sin
Twisted guardians, tall evil brood
Yavanna's vision gone bad
Sauron's hand, far reaching
Echos in Mirkwood go mad
Can't breathe....feet heavy
All suffer once lost was found
Evil eye....ever searching
As the One pulls you down.
Twisted guardians, tall evil brood
Yavanna's vision gone bad
Sauron's hand, far reaching
Echos in Mirkwood go mad



The voices are all around, takin my thoughts away
Making me stand and listen, from here,
The Misty Mountains are all I see
The air is cool, leaves are falling, and here's to your fantasy
Cause there's so much to know.
Rivendell's an endless day
And Rivendell, is not too far away
It's not too far away . . .
I'll sing you a song of hope, with fantasies in your heart
The fairies are hopelessly fading, but here
The magic lived to another age
And each of us are solitary visitors of the page
Searching our souls
In Rivendell, it's such a peaceful feelin'
Rivendell, I will come back again
I will come back again.
And this ring, it holds the magic for everything
Just waiting here, in this vision, of what the future will bring
How I love to be here . . .
In Rivendell, I'll leave my heart
In Rivendell, forever playing the part
Forever playing the part . . . [melody]



How does it feel all alone in the dark,
Are you scared and chilled to the bone?
Come little halflings, along with your wizard
Watch as your doom unfolds.
Hear the drum - doom, doom
Fear what comes from . . . Balrog!
Come inside deeper and deeper
You pathetic little group of nine
We have a surprise in the bowels of Moria
Maybe the last of its kind.
Hear the drum - doom, doom
Fear what comes from . . . Balrog!
Kill them, kill them
Cloaked in darkness, creation of Morgoth
Ages waiting on evil's desire
Awakened from slumber by Sauron in
Khazad-dum bring forth the demon of fire.
Hear the drum - doom, doom
Fear what comes from . . . Balrog!
Kill them, kill them
There's death in the Mines of Durin
Listen to me
We stand on the edge of ruin
Why can't you see?



I have lost my precious and I am bound to find it if I can
I will never be the same When Smeagol was my name.
He's the thief that took this thing
And I have told them Baggins has my ring
When the eye is glowing red there's a whisper in my head.
In the night when darkness falls - that's my time
And forever precious calls - from Anduin
I will face the mountain fire
I will crawl from Mordor to the Shire
Bleed until this leech is dead, no more whispers in my head.
We have lived a thousand years - cause we are two
We exist within your fears - I'll find you



The wind blows colder, say have you heard the news afar?
They say hope fades, we might as well go catch a falling star
Before the night is falling, gaze in her light for what it's worth
Fate has called us, we have to stop the end of Middle Earth
Beyond the river, Beyond the river
Mystery floats by, she never fails to give a ride
Anduin is ageless, I think about what's on the other side
Beyond the river, Beyond the river
I'm caught up in this Odyssey
Floating down the river, on my way
Chances are there's a moon tonight
That's good, for a shadow's following
Inward, onward, into the land
That made this deadly ring.
Beyond the river, Beyond the river



Eowyn was her name; she was always into thinking deeper
She had seen a thousand days, of mystery in the haze
She thinks her situation is circumstance
All the same I've been wonderin' if entropy ever ends.
Destiny is a changing wind, that she can't wait to see
Destiny in Middle Earth is passing to the sea
She's a Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser
And if you saw her face, it could turn your eyes into a daydream.
There she stood on a battlefield, cold and black was the rage
Yeah the road she took was beyond her age
It lives on till the end of time, in those who capture the rhyme.
Centuries since the vision passed, of banners on the wind
There are some who must become, those chasers of the end.
She's a Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser
Deep in thought were the eyes of care, golden curl in her hair
Go ride the wind, cause they need you now
Beautiful, brave, and true
Eowyn, I'm in love with you.



In his twisted mind, the power hungry Sauron schemes
The great deceiver smiles
For the elven lords are blinded it seems
Nine in the fire burning, each one a mortal for turning
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
High king of men, once of a bloodline pure
Corrupted by lies
A seat to the right of the Dark Lord secure
By prophecy no man shall slay him
Who dares the voice of sin?
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
By order the nine ride, seek out this Baggins and more
In return for the prize
Hold the crown of men and the spoils of war
Halfling hear his cry, all kneel before him or die
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
Beware the black captain flies, his eight follow closely behind
No matter the cost, find what was lost
To rule them all and in the darkness bind.
Ringwraith of Angmar immortal, ruler of Minas Morgal.



Shine the light so I can find my way, beyond the passing day
To the world I am small, but
I am bound up in this story, it's my fate, I hope it's not too late
Will the sun ever shine, will it ever be mine, again?
Hope is all we need to have, and a friend
To take this ring unto it's end.



Mystery tell me your name, oh where do we journey from here?
Into the center of darkness, your enemy is only your fear
Oh I feel like it's getting so near
If hesitation is your friend, some stories just never will end
Close to the edge I am bound, but close to your heart I will stay
It's so hard, keeping your eye on today
There must be a way through this emptiness
Oh oh yeah and we wander
Silently on through this emptiness
Tryin' just to hold on to the faith
We stand on the edge of this world, and imagine just what lies beyond
Silence it screams all around us, stay close to this path that we're on
And hold on - there is a light up ahead
Frodo was filled with an emptiness
Every step became heavier
On into Mordor, no hope within
Doubting he had the strength to endure
All that exists is inside now, though all around nothing is there
Senses are higher than ever, but never give in to dispair
Stand tall, face it or live with your fall
I look around in this emptiness
Yeah . . yesterday's gone away
Why is it me that's been driven here?
I don't, think I can find the way
I don't think I can find the way
Find the way home.



Three rings for the Elven Kings, underneath the sky
Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their castled halls of stone
Nine for mortal men doomed to die, one is for the Lord.
In Mordor death is the cry
In Mordor no one can see the sun
Where the darkest shadows lie.
Rank and file they toil beneath the one who seeks the ring
Night has overcome the light, the orcs begin to sing
It's for this land we draw the sword as a slave.
Oh where is the sun? The ground is cold beneath my pathway.
Until the end, upon us all this scar will surely stay.
In Mordor . . . In Mordor



Call the truces, in the age of our time
Vengeance is spared for the makers of the rhyme
Oh if the lights are dim, you can't carry your own
There's nowhere to go, when the fairies all leave home. . .
There will be no return.



He was the first to go
And friends of Bilbo watched him there just sail away
On that hazy day
And he won't come back again
As the years went by
Finally they passed into that setting sun
As their time would come
The last one left alone
He was the last to the Havens
Last to the Havens