Ooh make your choice
Each day is all it's own
They go by one by one
They're counting on the run
And it's only here for you
And it's only here for me
I wonder if they use
The years to keep your score
All alone in your sighs
Remembering your highs
Until your dying day
Intensity's the way......Hey

We belong to life
And we pretend that we just want to be free
Want to be free
But you can decide
This is not the way you want it to be
Want it to be

Waiting for the sign
And you're hoping every time
That it won't be very long
Intensity, Intensity, Intensity
Intensity is bound to bring you down

Well it's on the line
When you know the chance is never the same
It's never the same
But if it's in your heartbeat
You can feel your thoughts a second away
A second away

Catch it if you can
Or you're back where you began
Is it more than you can stand
Intensity, Intensity, Intensity
Intensity is all I ever knew

Ooh........Endless in my life

In the darkest hour
When the world refuses freedom for me
And it won't let me be
I will think about you
And a thousand times I wish I could be
Wish I could be

Back the other way
But it's not for me to say
It's the price I have to pay

Intensity, Intensity, Intensity

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