Lyrical Content
Rockin' the Shire

"Join The Celebration"

Golberry brings her smile, news is carried by the dove
Turn to the sundial, and call the rhyme
It is the time for love
Ents in your leaves of fall, Treebeard whistle us a tune
"Hoom, Hoom, Hoom, Did you call?"
Won't you come tonight, we are inviting you.
Hear the drum fife and bell
There's a concert at Rivendell
As the Piper dances all around you
Sing to the sound - the lost is found
Drift in the conversation
Laugh by the light of Durin's Day
And "Join The Celebration"

Here in the grand event, Looking forward to the day
There is the Moon Man floating ever on
The tip of dawn away
There's a song for the ride
There's a bridge to the other side
Behold all that you remember
Then one day - you turn to say
The words of an invitation
Shining star you've come so far
"Join The Celebration"

In your dreams you can be the simplifier
Come with me and I'll take you to the Shire

All we need are more children of the fantasy
And in the end we will polish off the 'pipeweed'

And if the elves are near, pass around a cup of 'brew'
Laugh as their heads appear from behind a nook
To get a look at you . . .

Let The Word Be Sung
Come And "Join The Celebration" . . .

"No Doubt and No Expectations"

You sit waiting for the sunrise
It's the same thing every day
But changes on the horizon
Will take you far away
Bilbo Baggins under the hill
Peeping out above the windowsill
Fat and dumb I'm sure you've become
On the carousel of ho and hum

"No Doubt and No Expectations"

Smoke rings drift in the morning
As Gandalf opens the gate
Bringing news of adventures
There's no time to wait
Indications are on the rise
From the currents of the passerby
Oh we have so much to see
In the end you will agree

"No Doubt and No Expectations"

Don't wait living on the inside
Too sure that this is the one
Keep your spirit in a free ride
And your day will come
Once you travel around the world
You can feel your boundaries
Leave your sign to follow behind
While you're tripping in the fantasy

"No Doubt and No Expectations"