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The Tolkien Society: United Kingdom Chapter:


We are very honored to announce that the AMON HEN issue #194 put out by The Tolkien Society, United Kingdom Chapter, www.tolkiensociety.com, features all kinds of Hobbit-related items-of-interest!!Click Here to Enlarge Image!
  1. There is a great review of our newest Middle-Earth-only "ALL FOR THE ONE" CD
  2. There is an interview with Gene and 'Turk', and along with some pics.
  3. The "Rockin' The Shire" CD cover will be on THE cover!! Click HERE to view the enlarged Cover!
This issue will hit the 'Greenway' in mid-July, so be looking for it! It will also be available at Tolkien 2005, the huge celebration of the 'Good Professor', and other conventions. To find out more. . . www.tolkiensociety.org/2005. Thank You Very, Very Much Michael Cunningham and T.S.U.K.!!!
A short snippet from the review by Michael C.:
". . . The genre of Fantasy Rock, here, acknowledges its creative influence so well, and the fact that HOBBIT are devotees of the books shines through both in the depth of their lyrics and the musical apparel of their subject. This is purely an album to be enjoyed so go on, join in the dance. . ."