Up And Down

What makes everything
A mystery to understand
And plans to catch it if you can
I'm chasing into time
Laughing ever on my way
But now and then I have to say
It's Up And Down

It's an invitation can't you see
If your situation's Up And Down
Up And Down

Living in this race
Is killing me I can't decide
Or making me so satisfied
But you can fool your mind
You can make believe it's me
Anytime you want to be
Up And Down

If you stop to wonder stick around
I can only say it's Up And Down
Up And Down

Hobbits act so dumb
No one knows they're in disguise
Can you catch one by suprise
And if it makes you dance
Then heavy is the circumstance
It's time to take your chance
Go Up And Down

You can't always be there off the ground
Even Mr. Sun goes Up And Down
Up And Down

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